Online Learning in 2016

To take a look at how online learning has progressed in 2016, lets take a look at following blog by edX.

edX in 2016

Following are some important points which must be noted regarding online learning.

  • In less than 5 years edX learners have reached a number of 9.9M
  • By adding 500 new courses this year their course count is now around 1300.
  • USA and India have major share about 35%
  • Age range is from 7 years to 96 years with a median of 28 years

While the first two points shows us the pace by which new content and number of learners entering in this field,last two points are more important so these will be discussed in some details.

Top Contributors Country Wise

Progress of USA is obvious because of their literacy rate and development. Also initiative of edX is taken by universities inside USA. But the share of India is 11% which is second largest share among all countries. The reason may be their large population, fast growth in computer related industry and their own online learning platforms such as NPTEL, which is working for many years before edX and other programs.

Age Factor

Age range from 7 years to 96 years show that it is useful for learners of almost every age. Maiden age 28 shows that most of learners use it to overcome shortcomings of their student life as most of the people pass out from regular university education at age of 28.



e learning

Internet has been a useful source of information since beginning. But opportunities for learners are becoming more and more user friendly every day. websites such as edX,  Courseera, Udacity and lej4learning has totally changed the scenario of online learning. Courses from top ranked universities from around the globe are made available to every student who has access to internet. And amazing thing is that most of the time these courses are free of cost. Now keeping in view importance of e learning experts should discuss current position and predict its future. Possible difficulties that may come across in this area should be pointed out and their solutions should be explored. The purpose of this blog is to discuss e learning to provide better learning environment to our next generations. lets take a glimpse of how science is revolutionizing the education in following TED talk